Question: A foil is a type of sword used for fencing.
Answer: The foil is a flexible thrusting sword used for fencing. It comes in electric and non-electric varities (for scoring purposes).
Question: Bastard swords were only used by illegitimate sons.
Answer: Bastard swords were so called because they looked like single-handed swords but could be used with two hands. Thus, they were "unnatural" or of dubious origin.
Question: Scimitars are curved.
Answer: The scimitar, which originated in the Middle East, has a curved blade.
Question: Katana swords are originally from China.
Answer: The katana, sometimes called a "samurai sword," comes from Japan.
Question: Pommel is another name for the pointy tip of a sword.
Answer: The pommel is the end of the hand guard.
Question: All swords are made of metal.
Answer: Some swords, such as the Japanese bokken are made of wood. They are generally used for practice, not for combat.
Miyamoto Musashi. An actor playing Mukojima Miyamoto Musashi (artist, soldier, samurai, swordsman, ronin) in a Kabuki play. Woodcut, color; 36.4 x 24.8 cm., 1852. Signed: Ichiy-sai Kuniyoshi. Ukiyo-e Japanese woodblock printing. (see notes)

Swords: Fact or Fiction?

Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (digital. id. jpd 01580)
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Swords: Fact or Fiction?
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