Question: What Beatle organized the Concert for Bangladesh?
Answer: George Harrison organized the Concert for Bangladesh in 1971. The August 1 concert raised money for famine relief in the new country.
Question: Who was Elton John’s chief lyricist?
Answer: Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics for almost all of Elton John’s hit records. The two began working together in 1971.
Question: Which of these albums is not by Stevie Wonder?
Answer: Tommy is an album by the British rock group the Who. The other albums are by American soul singer Stevie Wonder.
Question: What musician invented the jitterbug?
Answer: Cab Calloway, a popular bandleader in the 1930s and 1940s, invented the dance music that he called "jitterbug." The term came to be applied to the dance itself as well.
Question: Which of these is not an album by Bruce Springsteen?
Answer: Let It Be is an album by The Beatles. The other records are by Bruce Springsteen.
Question: With what record label are the Supremes, Marvin Gaye, and the Temptations associated?
Answer: The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, the Temptations, and many other "soul" acts were first recorded on Detroit’s Motown label.
Question: Which artist released a famous album called Thriller?
Answer: Michael Jackson’s Thriller, released in 1982, is one of the best-selling albums in history.
Dancers performing the jitterbug at a juke joint outside Clarksdale, Miss., 1939.

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