Question: From what language do French and Spanish come?
Answer: French, Spanish, and other languages developed from Latin during the Middle Ages.
Question: Which of these is not a Romance language?
Answer: French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish are called Romance languages. They are all derived from Latin. Russian is a Slavic language.
Question: Which of these is the main language of Iran?
Answer: The main language of Iran is Farsi, or Persian.
Question: The last letter of the Greek alphabet is:
Answer: The last letter of the Greek alphabet is omega. The name means "large o," with omicron being the "small o."
Question: Which of these words does not come from the Aztec language?
Answer: Many Aztec words, such as chocolate, tomato, ocelot, coyote, and avocado, have become part of the English language. Potato, however, is from the Carib language.
Question: What language does a Cajun speak?
Answer: A Cajun is a French-speaking American, originally from Canada. Most Cajuns live in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.
Question: What is the language spoken in Bhutan called?
Answer: Dzongkha, or Bhutanese, is spoken by about 130,000 people in Bhutan, Nepal, and India.
Question: Which of these languages is not widely spoken in China?
Answer: Navajo is a language spoken by an American Indian people of the U.S. Southwest.
Question: From which language does the motto of the United States come?
Answer: The motto of the United States, e pluribus unum, which means "from many, one," comes from Latin.
Question: How many languages did the Indians of pre-Columbian South America speak?
Answer: South American Indians spoke more than 500 languages, and the peoples of Middle America had at least an additional 80 languages.
The modern Greek alphabet, with English sound equivalents.

Languages of the World

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