Question: The smallest bone in the ear is the malleus.
Answer: The smallest bone in the ear is the stapes, a tiny bone shaped like a stirrup.
Question: Only humans have knees.
Answer: All vertebrates, or animals with a backbone, that have legs also have knees.
Question: Most human bones break when the pressure applied to them is about 100 pounds per square inch.
Answer: Most normal bones in the human body can withstand much greater pressures, some as much as 15,000 pounds per square inch, depending on the force with which it is delivered.
Question: As a person ages, the amount of calcium in the bones increases.
Answer: As a person ages, the amount of calcium in the bones decreases, causing the bones to become more fragile.
Question: Bone remodeling involves two cell types.
Answer: Remodeling involves two cell types: osteoclasts, which break down and dissolve damaged osteocytes or mature bone cells; and osteoblasts, which mature into osteocytes and produce matrix.
Question: Most bones grow from cartilage.
Answer: Most of the body’s bones develop from hyaline cartilage.
Question: In the human body, joints are where the bones meet.
Answer: Joints are the locations where bones—usually two, but sometimes more than two—meet.
Encyclopaedia Britannica First Edition: Volume 1, Plate XIII, Figure 1, Anatomy, Of the Bones, A male skeleton showing major bone groups and joints

Human Bones: Fact or Fiction?

Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.
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Human Bones: Fact or Fiction?
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