Question: peppers (Capsicum)
Answer: Peppers are native to tropical America.
Question: sheep
Answer: Sheep were domesticated in Eurasia around 5000 BCE
Question: squash
Answer: Squashes were independently domesticated several times in the Americas.
Question: horses
Answer: Horses are thought to have been domesticated by an Indo-European tribe around 6,000 years ago.   
Question: barley
Answer: Barley was domesticated in the Fertile Crescent around 8000 BCE. 
Question: potato
Answer: Incan peoples in the Andes domesticated potatoes at least 1,800 years ago. 
Question: peanut
Answer: Peanuts are native to tropical America.
Question: corn
Answer: Corn was domesticated by native peoples in Mexico about 10,000 years ago.
Question: wheat
Answer: Wheat is an ancient crop and was domesticated several times in Eurasia.
Question: turkey
Answer: Domesticated turkeys were bred by native peoples in Mexico.
Question: tobacco
Answer: Tobacco was originally native to tropical parts of the New World.
Question: cabbage
Answer: Head cabbage was developed in Europe in the Middle Ages.
Visualization of the Columbian Exchange. North America. South America. Europe. Asia. Africa.

Columbian Exchange: New World or Old World?

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Columbian Exchange: New World or Old World?
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